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Preparing the trip (July 27th, 2014)
I've always dreamt of going to Peru, but thought that such a long and far away journey was something that could only happen in some distant future.
Until one day, thanks to my friend Celia, I created a vision board, and the first image I stuck on it was Machu Picchu... I knew then and there that I had taken the first step for making my fream possible...

A year and a half later, I'm ready to go. In 3 weeks time I'll be leaving for Peru and Cusco. I'm starting a journey that I know will be very special for me, and I've created this blog to share my experiences.

Maybe it wil inspire you too to make this trip; or maybe it will help you to believe that you too can make any dream come true if you want to; all you have to do is wish it, visualize it and start taking small steps towards it. Feel it. It's not so much about planning it, but of making it possible. Project what you want and opportunities will come towards you.

I wasn't thinking of planning anything, but I got a whole lot of good advice, as well as guides and brochures, from many friends; and even contacts which have organized almost everything for me. I just let myself flow, felt what is right for me and took the choices.

All this has also helped me to understand that I'm going to Cusco to contact an ancient part of me, some ancient knowledge which I know will mark the rest of my life. I'm going to feel the energies of the Mother Earth, Pachamama, and father sky, and contact the wisdom they hold.

I'll let you know....

(I'm finally not going to translate this blog into Englis, 'cause I believe google translator does a good enough job ;-)

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